Content Marketing

Content creation is no easy task, but it’s got proven returns. At Purple Cow Agency, we know how to make sure your content has value and can help your business grow.

Content marketing is more than just typing up a few blog posts and posting them online. It’s also about creating and distributing content—including blog posts, but also creating images, editorial, videos and more—with the ultimate goal of attracting, building and ultimately converting an audience.

Successful content marketing plans require both good content and successfully managing and maintaining client relationships. Not all clients convert straight away; content marketing is about the long-term view. At Purple Cow Agency, we have copywriters and creatives who can create attractive, creative content, as well as SEO and marketing experts who know how to maximize your content and your brand’s exposure through emails and social media. From there, we can link the content to your business to generate successful leads and optimize engagement, so that your content marketing becomes part of the larger relationship you’re building with potential and existing customers.  

By focusing on your audience’s needs as well as yours, we make sure there’s a balance between the two with values that align. If you’re interested in growing your business via content marketing that stands out, we’re here for you.

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