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When it comes to leads generation, my discussions with marketers mostly reveal that they use traditional methods like trade shows, email marketing, seminars, cold calls, advertising and telemarketing as their primary marketing approaches. These methods are called “outbound marketing” and involve the transmission of a marketing message in the hope that it would travel far and wide and reverberate with the needs of the target market. Well, my opinion is that outbound marketing approaches are losing efficacy for causes discussed below.

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People have been using visual aids to express their opinions and desires for centuries now. Human beings have the natural tendency to pay attention to visuals like graphics and illustration. However, it was not until the last few decades that the technological revolution reshaped the visual media landscape.

What are micro-moments? Micro-moments are the moments when a consumer looks outside of their personal space into their mobile device to learn, explore, or buy something new. Brands that take the time to understand their target consumer’s micro moments have benefited from their attention, loyalty, and money. Videos have become the most popular content format that consumers have chosen to perform these micro-moments. If you want to use videos to influence these moments you must understand the four reasons why people look to videos to seek information.

There are two types of website owners: those who change their website’s layout every few months and those who keep the same layout for several years. It is important to note that website technologies have drastically changed during the last few years. Today, most people have switched from HTML and Flash based web technologies to content management systems like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, so they can easily update their websites.

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