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When it comes to leads generation, my discussions with marketers mostly reveal that they use traditional methods like trade shows, email marketing, seminars, cold calls, advertising and telemarketing as their primary marketing approaches. These methods are called “outbound marketing” and involve the transmission of a marketing message in the hope that it would travel far and wide and reverberate with the needs of the target market. Well, my opinion is that outbound marketing approaches are losing efficacy for causes discussed below.

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Negative search engine optimization (SEO) is generally referred to as: ‘when a website purchases links and forwards them towards a competitor's website in order to destroy their rankings’. A few other examples of negative SEO include tactics such as review bombing (paid perfect reviews), hacking a website to execute damage, or by simply reporting other websites’ “black hat” tactics to search engines.

People across the world depend on search engines to find information on the Internet. They use keywords of their interest in the search engine’s search bar to initiate their search, and pick their desired result from the search engine result page (SERP).

The phrases that users search for are called keywords and are of huge importance. Online marketers know the power of keywords and why it is so very important to rank well on keywords for potential customers to be able to find them on the web. But, what are local keywords? They are just an extension of keywords and are limited by geographical boundaries.

Over the past couple of years, Google and Yahoo have played a pivotal role in the digital world. Not only are they the top, most used search engines with the highest market penetration, they also play a major role in the computer software industry.

Even though Google has created a strong brand name, Yahoo is not far behind. In fact, in certain aspects, Yahoo outweighs Google. The rivalry of these two search engines has continued to evolve at a rapid pace.

An increase in traffic is the most obvious and tangible benefit that you will gain by having a higher ranking on Google. Apart from a higher ranking, there are a ton of benefits to be realized; read on to get an idea about the importance and benefits of making Google your best friend.

Your SEO strategy must remain current and updated. A static SEO strategy will end up harming your business and online presence. Whether you are looking for a new SEO consultant/company or just want to tweak your strategy, make sure to ask these 4 questions.

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