When it comes to leads generation, my discussions with marketers mostly reveal that they use traditional methods like trade shows, email marketing, seminars, cold calls, advertising and telemarketing as their primary marketing approaches. These methods are called “outbound marketing” and involve the transmission of a marketing message in the hope that it would travel far and wide and reverberate with the needs of the target market. Well, my opinion is that outbound marketing approaches are losing efficacy for causes discussed below.

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When you sit down to create a content marketing strategy for your business, you will have to make some tough decisions that include choosing the right way to promote your business. It is very important to choose the right plan and implement it carefully if you wish to get the desired results.

Stepping ahead for website audit is a wise decision as there are 3,174 million internet users worldwide. It gets more encouraging for online business holders around the nation when they happen to know that USA has 201.6 million internet users and is ranked as 2nd worldwide. People usually get confused with accounts and finance when they hear the word ‘audit.’ Despite universal confusion, website auditing is about inspecting pages and all other aspects of website like navigation, tracking, etc.

A person giving you their email address is a sign of trust. They trust you with their information in order for you to send them information about your business. If your subscribers open their inboxes and believe that your email campaigns have not met their expectations, they will unsubscribe from you and it’s really hard to get them and their trust back.

I remember when Facebook and Twitter were first introduced, the people around me were trying to grasp this new era in online communication and audience reach. Social networking websites had always been around, like Myspace, but creative innovation has turned these channels into becoming major online communication centers. They gave new users the ability to engage and converse with people they haven’t talked to in years and introduced them to new people that could change their lives forever. The idea of being able to reach millions of people around the world just by “friending” or “following” them online seemed intoxicating!

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