Ruby On Rails

At Purple Cow, programming is just as important as design: You can have the best looking website in the world, but if it’s insecure, crashes constantly, runs slow or just doesn’t deliver, your brand’s online reputation is going to take a nosedive.

This is why our programmers use Ruby on Rails when developing sites and applications. Ruby on Rails offers our programmers a great framework for creating stable, clean code quickly. This means that we can design, create and launch your website in record time.

Thinking about developing a site? Looking for an upgrade? Contact us. Purple Cow’s staff of programming, design and marketing specialists will work with you to develop an online presence that establishes your brand online and helps you achieve your goals.

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We aren't interested in being a website assembly line.
We are passionate about helping businesses develop and achieve their online goals, and invest our time and expertise in our clients' success.