Crisis Management

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, don’t let a disgruntled employee, customer or inept journalist destroy it. At Purple Cow, our public relations professionals develop crisis management plans that can restore your good name and the confidence of your employees, stockholders and customers.

Sometimes bad things happen within good businesses. Unfortunately, word spreads quickly online and in print media. Left unchecked, your business may suffer serious losses from which it may never recover.

Talk to us. We can immediately put a crisis management plan into place. This plan may include:

  • Website development: We can create a site designed to address the crisis. Once the crisis has passed, you can return to your original design.
  • Comprehensive FAQ page that addresses common questions about your situation
  • Press releases
  • Media relations and training
  • Video production

If you’re facing a crisis, don’t wait to take action, contact Purple Cow today for a consultation.

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