Local Search Engine Optimization

Do you operate a brick & mortar business? Local SEO is crucial to getting customers to your website and through your door.

Consumers do online searches for goods and services, even when they plan to patronize a local store or service provider. Unfortunately, standard SEO techniques may not be enough to rank your site in local searches:

  • Your site may contain code that isolates your geographical information, making it hard for search engines to identify your location.
  • Multiple locations? Some developers prioritize functionality over SEO when creating directories that help people find local stores and offices. This isn’t a problem for people who are already on your site, but it doesn’t help you reach new customers.
  • Failure to provide specific pages for each of your locations also makes it difficult for local customers to get information about your business, or to recommend it to others on social media.

Let Purple Cow’s local SEO specialists connect you with your neighbors. Contact us for a consultation.

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Our developers and copywriters can create sites that get noticed: By customers, through social media and on the search engines. Sure, there are a lot of “SEO experts” out there who are willing to take your cash in exchange for adding some code or creating content.

But will they guarantee success?

And even if they do, will it withstand the next algorithm change at Google or Bing?

Our search engine optimization strategies offer a total package: You need a well designed site, coded for easy indexing, fast loading pages and unique, informative content that Internet searchers want to read. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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