Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

In a perfect world, one visit to your website would be all it takes to get a prospect to buy your product or service.

Unfortunately, most prospects need a little more encouragement and time to understand and connect with your brand.

This means that they need to get to know you. They need to trust you, your team and what you have to offer. One visit to your website, or one email campaign won’t do it for many people. You need to slowly introduce yourself if your prospect is going to trust you.

Developing trust is what drip email marketing campaigns do best.

Once a visitor to your site signs up for your newsletter or orders a white paper, you’ve got a unique opportunity to develop a relationship with that visitor. You begin by sending them a message to confirm their details and that gives them a link to the white paper or your newsletter archive.

A few days or weeks later, you send them another message with useful content: Recipes, tips, industry news . . . whatever it takes to establish your expertise and to encourage interaction between you and the prospect.

Each email sent is another “drip” that attracts your prospect’s attention. While these campaigns can seem lengthy and intimidating, Purple Cow’s marketing specialists can help you put together a series of emails that help you make sales and develop long-term relationships with your customers.

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Our developers and copywriters can create sites that get noticed: By customers, through social media and on the search engines. Sure, there are a lot of “SEO experts” out there who are willing to take your cash in exchange for adding some code or creating content.

But will they guarantee success?

And even if they do, will it withstand the next algorithm change at Google or Bing?

Our search engine optimization strategies offer a total package: You need a well designed site, coded for easy indexing, fast loading pages and unique, informative content that Internet searchers want to read. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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