Custom Email Newsletter Designs

Your email list is a valuable asset. Make the most of it by sending custom-designed email newsletters. Poor design can kill your email campaign and even trigger unsubscribe requests. Make sure that your email newsletter template is attractive and easy to read.

At Purple Cow, our graphic design pros create unique templates for your email newsletters. In fact, our design strategy is to strengthen your brand with each campaign. Here’s how a custom email newsletter design can help grow your business:

  • We incorporate your brand’s distinctive: Colors, logos and taglines, into your email templates.
  • We design a template around the kind of content you want to share with others. You aren’t forced to “plug” your content into someone else’s idea of how your information should be shared.
  • People scan, rather than read, online communications. We know how to attract your reader’s attention so that they take action while scanning your newsletter.

Does your current newsletter need a facelift? Do you want to develop an email newsletter? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Our developers and copywriters can create sites that get noticed: By customers, through social media and on the search engines. Sure, there are a lot of “SEO experts” out there who are willing to take your cash in exchange for adding some code or creating content.

But will they guarantee success?

And even if they do, will it withstand the next algorithm change at Google or Bing?

Our search engine optimization strategies offer a total package: You need a well designed site, coded for easy indexing, fast loading pages and unique, informative content that Internet searchers want to read. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We aren't interested in being a website assembly line.
We are passionate about helping businesses develop and achieve their online goals, and invest our time and expertise in our clients' success.