Google Now Requires HTTPS for Sites Collecting Data

Collecting Data? Google Now Requires You to Use HTTPS If your website collects sensitive user data, you will have to bring a few tweaks to how it works. Google recently announced its plans to mark HTTP sites non-secure if they collect sensitive data. However, even if you don’t collect information on your website they announced […]

How Reviews Can Help Your Dental Business

customer feedback2

In today’s world of instant information, we place a lot of importance on the information we find on the Internet. People share loads of information and personal experiences about different scenarios and events. We search for answers to our queries in their stories, and then make our decisions based on what we find. In the […]

What is Negative SEO and How Can You Safeguard Your Business From It

Search Browsing Web Internet Information Online Concept

Negative search engine optimization (SEO) is generally referred to as: ‘when a website purchases links and forwards them towards a competitor’s website in order to destroy their rankings’. A few other examples of negative SEO include tactics such as review bombing (paid perfect reviews), hacking a website to execute damage, or by simply reporting other […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Presence

blog presence

A blog brings a lot of benefits to a business. A popular and engaging blog causes that particular business to be seen as a thought leader in their industry. Both potential customers and industry colleagues will grow to trust you and turn to you whenever they want to learn new important information or buy what […]

How to Better Your Landing Page and Lead Process

landing page to leads

A landing page is essential to any business that wants to succeed in online marketing and sales. Landing pages convert visitors into leads that business can later contact and send important information to. A great landing page attracts website visitors and explains the great value that will be given to them in exchange for their […]

4 Email Campaigns That You Should Send Every Year

email campaign

Email is one of the most personal and powerful ways of online communication. Even with a small email list you can build your business selling products and services. But in order to get the most out of your email list, you must build campaigns that build relationships with your subscribers. Every year you should send […]

5 Things You Need On Your Dental Website to Bring In More Traffic

A close-up beauty portrait of a beautiful, smiling young woman gently touching her clean, natural face and biting her finger. There are visible wrinkles around her eyes. The woman has brown eyes, healthy clean skin, natural make-up and dark hair that is swept back from her face. Her head is slightly tilted to the side. The woman's shoulders are shirtless and visible, and she is isolated on a dark background. Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; small amount of grain added for best final impression; ready made for print and web use.

In the modern age, a virtual existence and presence for your business is a necessity. With the high influence and impact of the Internet you need to have a top quality website design, with unique and interesting content that is also SEO friendly. Dentistry is an evolving business with much potential, and having a website […]

How to Make Your Content Creation Process Easier

content easy

Creating content can be very time-consuming and difficult to keep track of. If your business is looking to invest resources in content marketing, it’s best to develop a system or process that monitors your content and decreases time creating it. Create a Content Calendar A content calendar will keep your content organized. It allows you […]

How Guest Blogs Can Help Your Website

Word Blog written on vintage wooden background with knots

Blogging is important to keep your website alive, but if you seriously want to raise the standard of your website, make guest blogging a part of your content marketing campaign. Big and small brands and websites are already benefiting from guest blogging, and if you are not one of those, it’s time to jump on […]

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